Peace of mind for everyone

The Solar Panel Validation (SPV) initiative was designed to protect Australian consumers and the industry reputation by facilitating the verification of solar products through the use of mobile applications.

This initiative addresses a problem shared by consumers, the industry and government, and is a proactive step in addressing the use of unapproved (sub-standard and counterfeit) solar panels in the Australian market, which damage consumer confidence in rooftop solar and take sales from legitimate businesses.

Dataforce has partnered with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) to develop an approved SPV mobile solution - a feature of Dataforce ASAP - to seamlessly verify solar panels, manage solar jobs and claim STCs quicker from any location, including while out in the field.

Who is SPV for?

Peace of mind from use of Dataforce ASAP's SPV feature to scan and verify solar panels and inverter information from any location
they choose.
Utilise SPV to scan and verify
solar panels from anywhere, as
well as capture geo-tagged photos,
customer signatures and
other information while
out in the field.
Applications submitted with
validated solar panels are likely
to be processed more quickly
subject to the application
successfully meeting all eligibility
requirements under
the scheme.
Assured of the quality of panels
getting installed, that the panels meet the desired standards
and stated warranty.

Developing first class solutions
for our clients